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California Environmental Reporting System: Regulator

A selection of regulator user training materials are available on the CERS Central Regulator Training Materials page.

Regulators needed assistance in using CERS or resolving technical issues should contact CERS Technical Support at cers@calepa.ca.gov or via this technical support request form.

Policy questions about CERS and UPA electronic reporting responsibilities should be directed to Dan Firth.

Help Items

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When should a Facility's CERS ID be changed? Should a new CERS ID number be assigned when there is a change of facility name, facility owner or facility address? (September 6, 2014)FAQ
Reporting Non-Inspection Related Violations How should non-inspection related violations be reported in the CME section of CERS? (May 15, 2014)FAQ
CME Reporting for Statewide Enforcement Cases How should CME data for statewide enforcement cases be reported in CERS? (September 5, 2014)FAQ
Download Business User Email Addresses How a Regulator user can download email addresses for business users within their jurisdiction. (October 2, 2014)FAQ
Reporting Re-Inspections When should re inspections be reported in CERS? (October 3, 20142014)FAQ
Creating a Facility to enter CME Data How to create a facility in CERS in order to enter CME data for that facility. (October 31, 2014)FAQ
Formal Enforcement Summary Explanation of Formal Enforcement Summary (January 15, 2015)FAQ
How to Report Multi-Day Inspections in CERS How should inpsections that take more than one day to complete be reported in CERS? (May 12, 2015)FAQ
Reporting Escalated Violations How should violations raised to a higher class be reported in CERS? (October 27, 2015)FAQ
Reporting Enforcement for all Violations Should an Enforcement Action be Reported in CERS for Every Violation? (October 27, 2015)FAQ
Reporting Multiple Identical Violations How should multiple identical violations be reported in CERS: as a single violation with multiple instances or as multiple violations? (October 28, 2015)FAQ
Citations for Failure to Report UP Information What code citations should be used to cite for failure to electronically report required Unified Program information? (Updated June 24, 2016)FAQ
Determining Unified Program Element Regulated Facility Counts Find counts of regulated facilities for a Unified Program element by using the search criteria described in this FAQ (June 24, 2016)FAQ
Downloading Submittal Review Comments How can I download Submittal review comments? (May 15, 2014)FAQ
Can Submittals Be Deleted? Can submittals be deleted from CERS? What if a submittal was submitted to the wrong facility (CERS ID)? (December 19, 2014)FAQ
Accepting Facility Information Submittal Element How should a submittal be processed if the facility submittal element is not acceptable but other submittal elements are? Can the Facility Information submittal status be set to ‘not accepted’ and ‘the others be set to ‘accepted’? (January 20, 2015) FAQ
Setting Accepted Submittal Status What criteria should be considered for accepting a Submittal? How to report a completeness review vs a site inspection verification. (January 28, 2015)FAQ
Can a Submittal relate to Construction Permitting Should a CERS Submittal be required as part of a new onstruction or tenant improvement project permitting process? (March 5, 2015)FAQ
Exempt Remote Unstaffed Facility Information in CERS How should a Unified Program Agency Manage Exempt Remote Unstaffed Facility Information in CERS? (Revised June 22, 2015)FAQ
Updated: How to Enter Red Tag Information How to Enter Red Tag Information in CERS. (Updated October 23, 2014)FAQ
Reporting UST Repairs and New UST Installations When should a CUPA or PA require a business to report (i.e., make a UST submittal) existing UST repairs or new UST installations? (October 31, 2014)FAQ
Reporting Abandoned USTs Should abandoned USTs be reported in CERS? (Updated 8/15/2017)FAQ
When to Issue a UST Operating Permit UST FAQ: Can a UPA issue a UST operating permit if the facility has not submitted electronically to CERS or a local portal? What if the facility has submitted but the UPA does not accept the submittal? (Updated April 13, 2015)FAQ
ICC Cert for Submittal Review Must a person possess a current inspector certification issued by the International Code Council (ICC) in order to review and accept submitted underground storage tank (UST) data elements in the California Environmental Reporting System? (Updated March 29, 2016)FAQ
Updated: Creating a Valid UST Report 6 How to create a valid UST Report 6 in CERS (Revised April 26, 2016)FAQ
Assigning Existing USTs to a New Facility Should a new business that takes over an existing UST facility change the tank ID numbers? (June 28, 2016)FAQ
How should a changed UST Tank ID be handled How should a changed UST Tank ID be handled. (Updated December 16, 2016)FAQ

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