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Reports: CUPA Electronic Reporting Status

The report below show a summary of regulated facilities that have at least one submittal for the indicated submittal element during the selected date range of submittal dates. All facilities should have electronically reported a “business plan” by the end of 2013 (at least Facility Information, plus an Inventory for the vast majority of facilities). The report also shows a comparison of the number of regulated facilities reported by the CUPA in their written 2011/12 Status Reports to Cal/EPA versus the current count of facilities in CERS. If the difference between the 2012 and current CERS facility counts is considerably less than 100%, the CUPA needs to more proactively engage with their businesses to use CERS by the end of 2013 (or their local reporting portals). If the number is considerably more than 100%, then the CUPA has many duplicate facilities that they will need to delete out of CERS. Such deletions should be done in consultation with the affected business users if applicable.

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